Can drinking black coffee help lose weight?

Can drinking black coffee help lose weight

Can drinking black coffee help lose weight

There are a lot of people amongst us who drink coffee in one form or the other at least once a day. Many people are unable to function properly without a good cuppa coffee. There are also people who love coffee but have thoughts that coffee makes one fat.

While most coffee out there are not meant for losing weight, black coffee is one of them.

Here we will discuss the benefits of black coffee and how it helps people lose weight. We will also discuss whether drinking black coffee is a healthy decision for our body or not. At the end, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to go on a black coffee diet or not.

Health benefits

Of course, the first question that comes to your mind, before you start on a diet to lose weight using black coffee, is that is black coffee healthy? Before we begin, there is something you need to keep in mind regarding all edibles – they are only beneficial for you in moderation. So, for you, drinking a cup a day on an average would be the best. Black coffee has a minimum amount of fat. It could be beneficial in reducing your risk to liver cancer. It also contains anti-oxidants which serve to further strengthen your body’s immune system.

Last but not the least, it also helps you lose weight and we will discuss how it does that in the next segment. Now, if someone asks you “Is black coffee healthy?” you could immediately reply that it is indeed very healthy, contrary to popular opinions.

Black coffee & weight loss

The most preferred form of coffee is black one, because of its stronger taste and high concentration of caffeine. Most people prefer black coffee because it helps increase their concentration and, on the whole, makes them more alert than before. What they do not know is that there is one more extremely useful benefit of drinking black coffee – it helps them lose weight painlessly and fairly quickly.

How to lose weight with black coffee

Normal coffee that has cream mixed in it is chock-full of fats. On the other hand, coffee’s lesser known and more bitter form, i.e. black coffee, is a far better option. It contains caffeine which when ingested kills off your hunger for some time so that you do not feel unbearably hungry. The number of calories in a cup of black coffee is very low – nearly 5.4 calories. This means that you would not feel like stuffing your mouth with food after having consumed only a small number of calories present in black coffee, which will help you lose weight gradually.

It is not just that – black coffee also stimulates your metabolic system. This, in essence, means that the calories you consumed will be burned faster. The best way to drink black coffee in order to lose weight is to do so before you start your workout. The coffee, coupled with your workout regime, will work wonders for your body weight and, consequently, your figure. The chlorogenic acid in black coffee slows down the production of glucose in the body, which, in turn, halts the production of fat cells too.

Stop drinking coffee to lose weight?

If a long-time consumer of caffeine stops drinking coffee all of a sudden, they will notice a few changes in their body. One of the most striking changes, that is visible only after a little time after stopping, is the loss of weight. There are some really interesting theories behind it.

When we drink black coffee, our bodies produce a hormone known as cortisol. What cortisol does is that it causes our body to speed up its production of fat cells after having increased the level of blood sugar. The outcome of all these biological reactions is that your tummy ends up ballooning and you constantly look like you have a bloated stomach.

Coffee in moderation

There is one thing you should make a note of – we are talking about people who have been consuming coffee for a long time and have nearly become addicted to it. If you follow a black coffee diet and take your coffee without sugar to lose weight, you will not face any of the adverse consequences mentioned above. The key to losing weight using black coffee is to insure that you do not have it in excess and cut down on it once you have achieved your ideal weight and figure. Point being – you need not worry about gaining weight as long as you control the amount of coffee you drink daily.


All in all, contrary to how people perceive coffee, black coffee is good for your body, provided that it is ingested in moderation. A black coffee diet is a tried and tested way to lose weight. Unlike the millions of other possible and effective diet regimes, a black coffee diet does not require you to eat tasteless food nor does it require the input of too much effort.

Most people do not like the taste of black coffee initially, but in a matter of time it is easy to develop a taste for it. As we have mentioned before, however just like green coffee, black coffee should be taken in moderation. Getting addicted to it and bingeing on it will harm your health in the long run. So, all you need to do is control your intake of coffee and start this black coffee diet to slim yourself down to a size of your liking. Make sure to drink coffee without sugar to lose weight gradually.