7 Awesome tips for that perfect morning cuppa coffee

Many people in the world drink coffee. And that is a well-known fact. No matter if you take your morning coffee in a café or making your best blend of coffee at home, you want to have the best coffee to start the morning.

Making your own coffee at home is easy. With the following tips, you are guaranteed with the best aromatic coffee daily.

Tip No 1 – Buying only fresh beans

Tips for that perfect morning cuppa coffee

Coffee addicts or connoisseurs raise both hands for roasted coffee. If you are too lazy to roast your own beans, it is recommended that you buy the freshest beans. Out there, you can find many off-the-shelf products, for example in Supermarkets. For good coffee beans, you should keep them in absence of oxygen and bright light. Quality coffee beans are packed in vacuum-sealed packets and they are the ones that ensure the best quality.

Tip No 2 – Keeping coffee beans fresh

Earlier we mentioned about buying only fresh beans. So how do you keep the coffee beans fresh? First of all, ensure the use of right containers. Coffee bean packets, when opened, are subjected to the environment oxygen. Once any packaging is opened, the beans have to be sealed as soon as possible.

The use of ceramic containers or glass jars are wonderful choices. Rubber gasket seals are recommended to ensure they are air-tight.

Another tip to keep coffee beans fresh is NEVER to place coffee beans into the fridge. It is suffice to keep the beans in room temperatures.

Tip No 3 – Grinding your own beans

The quality of coffee diminishes straight upon the time you grind them. Therefore, the beans will taste best at moments just before brewing.

Tips for that perfect morning cuppa coffee

Coffee connoisseurs can easily spot the difference between a freshly grind or not. For the rest of the people out there, just make sure that the beans are not kept too long.

Tip No 4 – Use only good water

If you love to drink good coffee, then you know that the water from home taps just don’t cut it. Tap water at home, though safe for drinking are laced with “harmless” chemicals (well you need to keep the germs off) in the likes of chlorine. If you are serious enough with your cuppa, use water sources which have been filtered or bottled spring water.

Tip No 5 – Getting the right mix of coffee

For any good cuppa, good coffee beans and water are essential. Getting the right mix of beans and water is the next crucial step. What good comes out from good beans and water and you turn around saving on coffee beans on the cuppa? You’d probably agree that the skimping on coffee beans in exchange for bad coffee just doesn’t cut it, with the degree of preparation.

Tip No 6 – Check the temperature

We know coffee is best taken hot. Yet the preparation of a good cuppa is dependent on the right temperature. Brewing coffee with water that is too hot just brings about a bitter taste in coffee. This is because the high heat extracts the rich taste present in the beans.

The temperature suitable for brewing of coffee is approximately 200°F or 93°C. This adds up to about 40 to 50 seconds off a full boil. If you have a good coffee maker, the heat can be maintained but be aware, the aromatic and rich coffee taste will diminish with prolonged warming, additional boiling or with attempts to reheat your cold coffee.

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Tip No 7 – Maintain your coffee equipment

Looking back, you realize the amount of work required to make a good coffee. From storage containers, grinders, and even your coffee machine. Regular cleaning of these equipment (at least once every couple of weeks) to remove any residue or oil buildups.

Remember, if you are particular about coffee, these are the steps you need for a daily good cuppa. Have fun enjoying your morning cup!