Must-have features in a drip coffee maker

Millions of people out there love to start off their day with a fresh cup of coffee. For some, waking out without a fresh cuppa can ruin their day. From that, we know how important coffee is to these people.

There are many avenues to get coffee. For the lazy and uninitiated, a coffee house or café will suffice. Let the people behind the counter make the fresh brew. If you are someone who likes to enjoy a fresh coffee when you wake, expect nothing less than having a coffee maker at home.

Benefits of having a home coffee maker

Having a home coffee maker is beneficial. To start it off, it gives the convenience of having coffee at home, whenever is needed. Imagine a coffee craving in the middle of the night when all coffee joints are closed.

Next, a home coffee maker gives you the freedom to make your own cuppa, however you like it. You may like your coffee thicker today, or less milk tomorrow. No problem, you control how you want your coffee.

Drip coffee

When it comes to a coffee machine, the 3 commonly found types are the drip, single serve and espresso machines. There isn’t a rule that determines which is better than the other. Really, it depends on what you want out of your coffee and the features that come along in the box. Today, we shall touch on drip coffee makers and features you cannot do without.

Timer feature

One of the most important feature for a drip coffee machine – the self-timer. The timer is set to prepare the coffee hot to your desired timing. Coffee in general should be taken hot (not to the extend of burning your tongue) and the timer will ensure that the brew will be according to your settings.

Be it that you are a busy individual or housewife, many things will keep busy. With the timer feature, it gives a heads-up when your coffee is ready. One less thing to clutter the mind.

Size of filter basket

Drip coffee machines will contain a filter basket. It is meant for the purpose of collecting the coffee beans during the brewing process. Every coffee maker has their own type of filter basket and the selection of it will not be difficult.

Take note though, if you are preparing coffee for many people, the basket has to be of decent size.

Having a warming plate

Keeping the coffee warm and ready for consumption is very important for a drip coffee machine. Hence, a warming plate that keeps the carafe in constant temperature is important. For machines without this feature, you will find that coffee turns cold relatively quick once brewing has completed. Cold coffee (unless meant for the purpose) does not turn out nice.

One word of caution, do not attempt to re-brew coffee too many times. Under hot temperature, coffee loses its taste.

Automatic turn-off

Timer feature

Often under-rated feature, this is usually not the concern for any consumer who buys a drip machine. Similar to the timer feature, having the feature of automatically turning off the machine is just as important. By automatically shutting down the machine, you save on electricity bills and prolong the life of the coffee maker.

For example, you let the coffee re-heat for the entire day when the fact is, you had forgotten to turn it off. Coffee won’t taste good anymore after one day, still you need to pay for electrical bills.

Built-in milk frother

Though there are people who like coffee in its original taste, most people take coffee with milk. Hence, having a milk frother is a must. Most machines out there are sold without milk frothers. However there are the ones that have frothers built-in to the coffee makers.

By having built-in frothers, preparing of coffee is a breeze without having to undertake the two tasks (of brewing and milk frothing) separately. Especially convenient when coffee is prepared for a large family or for visiting guests.

The only drawback of having such machines – the size. Having brewing, frothing and milk storage section, the entire machine can be a little bulky for one single appliance.

Process and trouble shooting indicators

Another under-rated feature – indicator lights. How would you like to prepare coffee in the dark? Or preparing coffee without ever knowing what is going on (or what has gone wrong) with the coffee? Indicator lights come into play. They are your “eyes” to the stages of preparation. The better ones even indicate when there are problems in the machine.

Get the ones which indicate brew completion, warming up indicator (important you do not touch the carafe while it’s hot), dispensing and the basic lights that tell you what is wrong with the machine.

Transparent lid

Finally, we touch on the lid of the coffee machine. With transparent lids, you will be able to know what is going on during the coffee brewing process. Being able to see what is happening, you will know when it is time for adding condiments into the brew to make your coffee wonderful.

The features of the drip coffee maker are plentiful. Some you can do with, some without. Hope you enjoyed what you read. While you are here, have a read into other sections of our website. You will be amazed at the information you can find here.

Enjoy your morning cuppa!