What is drip coffee?

Whether you are pulling off all-nighters or looking forward to breakfast, there is one thing these two have in common and that is that they are not complete without a shot of your favorite brand of coffee. Coffee is a drink that remains a staple drink that millions are addicted to and cannot function without. Some of us need only a single cup of coffee to survive the day, while others need to be constantly binging on coffee to function normally.

What is drip coffee

What is drip coffee

Coffee can be made in a number of different ways, and the way it is made significantly affects its taste. Some coffees are foamy and sweet mixed with milk, while others are black and bitter – a real treat for our taste buds. You have probably heard of drip coffee, but it is likely that you don’t know the difference between it and other forms such as espresso and pour over.

Here we’ll help you find your way around the basics of drip coffee, including ways to use a drip coffee maker and to make it surrounded by the comforts of home. This way, the next time you feel like making yourself a cup of drip coffee, you can make it easily.

Drip coffee vs espresso

Drip coffee is stronger than espresso since it has more caffeine. Drip coffee and espresso differ in two ways – the way the beans are ground and the way the coffee is eventually prepared. Firstly, we will focus on the beans. For espresso, a number of different types of beans are ground together until they are as fine as powdered sugar. On the other hand, for drip coffee, the beans are ground, but they are much coarser in comparison to the beans ground for espresso.

Secondly, we will take a look at how the beans are boiled. To make espresso, the beans are boiled in steaming water for a while, whereas for drip coffee, the water is slowly dripped from above onto the coarsely ground beans until the coffee is ready. Preparing drip coffee is more time consuming than preparing espresso, but once you take a sip of drip coffee, you will realize that it is worth the effort and the time spent making it. Due to the amount of time it takes to prepare it, drip coffee is also called slow drip coffee.

Difference between drip and pour over

Making pour over coffee is similar to doing a science experiment – you use a filter, fold it to make a cone, and then wait for the filter to rinse out the coffee grounds and give you a coffee with a really texture that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon once you have a taste of it. Compared to that, in an autodrip machine, you need to put in the coffee beans and wait for the machine to do its magic without any interference from you. It is pretty easy and quick compared to the pour over method. The drip coffee maker is easily available on the market.

Ways to make drip coffee

There are two methods to make drip coffee – drip and pour over. The drip method is used to make drip coffee with the help of a machine, so this method of making drip coffee is automated, which is why it is also called the autodrip method. In direct contrast to this method is the pour over method, which is the manual way of doing things. It is more time consuming and requires more effort on your part, but even then, many coffee buffs have reportedly claimed that the taste and quality of a pour over drip coffee is very high.

How to make drip coffee at home

If you feel like making your very own drip coffee at home, then here’s a guide just for you. To start with, you will need coffee beans that have been roasted and ground coarsely. Then, you will need a filter and preferably a gooseneck kettle. You need to fold the filter to make a cone and put it into the neck of your kettle.

Once your equipment is set, you can pour some hot water over the filter to fix its position by making it wet. Then, throw out the water you poured in the kettle. After that, put the coarsely ground beans in the filter and start pouring the boiling water over it.

Slow drip coffee has the best texture and taste, but it also requires more time. Additionally, the taste of the coffee varies with the temperature of the water used. For example, a drip coffee made with boiling water will be less bitter as compared to one made with lukewarm water. It is imperative that you keep the dynamics of temperature in mind while making your drip coffee.

How to use a drip coffee maker

For those of us who do not have the time or the energy to make drip coffee, we can fall back upon a convenient invention that can do this for us, which is getting an auto drip coffee maker. Unlike yester-years, buying on is longer a arduous as there are so many out in the market we can choose from. You need not worry about the nitty gritty of working with a coffee maker – all you need to do is go through the drip coffee maker manual once and you will easily understand the basics of making your favorite type of coffee with a machine.

The drip coffee maker manual contains all the specifics about the working of the machine. Even so, just to give you an overview of the process, we will run you through the things you need to do to make a good cup of coffee with a drip coffee maker. Initially, you will have to rinse the carafe with water and put a new filter in the filter basket. After that, you need to fill the reservoir with the required amount of water for boiling and fill the filter with coffee powder. Then, sit back and relax while the machine makes you a delicious cup of drip coffee.

Buying drip coffee makers

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Final thoughts

With this, you know all there is to know about drip coffee and how it is made at home and with a drip coffee maker. Now, whenever you feel your caffeine craving making a comeback, you can whip up a drip coffee quickly and easily. Making drip coffee, contrary to popular opinion, is simple and with a little practice, anyone can do it.

Drip coffee is more concentrated compared to the other forms of coffee, so it offers you that extra caffeine boost you need in your system. Hence, while other forms of coffee may be available, drip coffee is your key to staying alert for the longest period of time possible.