Aicok 12-Cup Drip Programmable Coffee Maker

Standard in appearance, the Aicok Programmable Coffee Maker is much more than its appearance. While sleek and industrial in design, the output of the product is that of a commercial facility – all in the hands of a consumer.

I will begin this review by saying that an old friend of mine once told me, “never purchase a product that doesn’t have a warranty – they know their product is untrustworthy”. Boy, were they right! Thankfully, the Aicok has a two-year warranty, easing your mind about the longevity of this coffee maker a tad bit.

I used the Aicok Programmable Coffee Maker when I was a teacher’s substitute and we would hideaway in the forbidden “teacher’s lounge”. I was only 22, and I thought I was “cool” for being allowed in there – little did I know, I’d be offered a cup of coffee. Oh man, who doesn’t love having a sense of superiority and authority? Anyway, in short, this coffee maker allowed the children to be bearable – and that’s saying a lot for a product! Features of the Aicok include:

  • 8-Liter capacity
  • 24-hour delay brew timer
  • 30-seconds anti-drip
  • “Keep warm” function
  • Convenient display and stainless steel body

Large carafe capacity

First and foremost, let’s discuss the massive capacity of the this drip coffee machine of Aicok. With a 1.8-Liter capacity of the carafe, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee. For those who do work in overpopulated offices or have large family gatherings, the Aicok should be your go-to. Equipped with a glass carafe, you can monitor water levels and coffee levels with ease. No more stretching your neck around to get an accurate reading.

24 hour delay brew timer feature

As for the 24-hour delay brew timer, you can set this up to a whole day in advance in order to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee, brewed specifically for you. The button stating, “set delay” should be pushed when you want to use the timer function of the coffee maker. After this, you’re allowed to set the hour and minute of when you want your coffee to be made. When you’ve done this, you hit the “delay brew” button and there you go! Your coffee will begin brewing.

You are practically having coffee the entire day

There are many styles of anti-drip features, but for the Aicok, you have thirty seconds of drip-free bliss for you to pour your servings of freshly brewed coffee. As soon as you open this gateway for pouring, you have half of a minute for clearance. There’s also a removable filter basket so you can clean and remove with ease.

Who doesn’t hate lukewarm or cold coffee only a few short “moments” after creating it? Thankfully, even when you’re on your fifth cup, your product will be warm thanks to the “keep warm” function of this coffee maker. There is a non-stick warming plate installed in the Aicok that allows the coffee to remain at the perfect temperature of 179 degrees Fahrenheit.

The aesthetics of the Aicok Coffee Machine

Finally, let’s talk about the design features of this coffee maker. With a perfect stainless steel body that no complaints can be mustered from, there is a large backlit screen that’s an LED display, so you can see what time it is and clearly see what settings you’re working with. There are only three steps to making the perfect cup of coffee with the Aicok and that is: add water, add your coffee, and press on! Who doesn’t love a simple machine that’ll keep your delicious drink warm while providing it in a super timely manner?

The operation of this coffee machine is rather simple and it works the same way as every other coffee maker (surprise, surprise!). The carafe heating plate is non-stick, which is great for getting slight spills that may occur when you’re trying to do eight things at once, and the quantity output of this coffee maker is 12 cups. It’s not the least producing machine but it’s up there with the most. The highest number of cups a coffee maker has produced in my presence (in my experience) is an incredible 14 cups. With the Aicok, you’re not that far off.

A major benefit is the compact style of this machine, being only 4.8 pounds total. The dimensions of the Aicok are 7.6 x 14.2 x 9.4 and is perfect for that cozy corner of your kitchen counter top. Another HUGE advantage is that the reusable mesh filters save a ton of money. In retrospect, this is probably a huge reason why the teacher’s lounge had invested in this product (other than the delicious drink, budget cuts exist). It’s worth mentioning that the on and off indicator is blue, rather than red or green. I personally find this much more attractive in comparison with the design of the model, but may be confusing for some who are so used to red and green.

The not-so-good

The only disadvantage of this machine is that if you overfill with water, it leaks easily. However, this is with ANY coffee machine, but the pros vastly outweigh the con of this product. For the price, style, size, and quality of product, there’s no way you should pass the Aicok coffee machine up. Even if you’re a newbie to the world of coffee, you can’t mess it up with the ease of operation this coffee maker presents. Rating on a scale of 1-10, I give this a solid 20! Yep – this coffee machine got me through the worst days with the most troublemaker students and if I can get through that, this coffee maker can get you through anything!