Braun BrewSense 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Before I had purchased my previous Braun BrewSense machine, I had actually tried out the 12-cup version rather than the 10-cup version. While it does provide more product at the same high-quality, I was the only one who drank coffee and decided to re-gift to my mother. Let me tell you though: there wasn’t a thing wrong with it! Features of the BrewSense (12-cup) coffeemaker by Braun include:

  • Pure flavor brewing system
  • Extra-large digital display
  • Bold strength selector
  • Fully programmable (up to 24 hours)
  • Auto on and off
  • Anti-drip system

Yes, these are all the same features as the 10-cup, but with the ability to produce that much more product, you’d be a fool not to purchase! If you’re an avid coffee drinker or there are multiple cup o’ Joe lovers in your home, you’ll definitely want to purchase the BrewSense 12-cup by Braun. Extra-wide with full LED control, even those with the worst eyesight (probably from having too much sugar and cream in your coffee) can read this coffeemaker display with ease. Personally, I wear glasses, so morning runs to the kitchen require a little bit of eyesight assistance.

Coffee strength selector

The pure flavor brewing system goes hand in hand with the capacity of product that the BrewSense is able to produce. Creating delicious coffee consistently, this coffeemaker is to die for. Even if you like weak coffee in comparison with your friends, you both can have what you want when you set your desired settings with the bold strength selector. Unlike other machines, the bold strength selector on the BrewSense isn’t muddy and you won’t be receiving an “eh” when it comes to strength. Each cup will come out exactly how you want it and I can vouch for that.

Fully programmable

With fully programmable capabilities, you can set for when you want your coffee. If you’re prone to being late in the morning because you like to take your time, this coffeemaker by Braun will allow you to get out the door a little bit quicker for work while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Having a great coffeemaker helps those around you, too, as you’ll be able to tolerate more people after you’ve consumed the perfect cup. If you’re anything like me, you need a strong cup and a few minutes before heading out into the real world. Braun’s BrewSense will help you do just that.

I have slight paranoia and anxiety, so when it comes to shutting things on and off, even if I do it, I get nervous that I didn’t. From forgetting to turn off the oven after dinner or the stove, I also triple check. Thankfully, this coffeemaker comes with an auto on and off feature so that I can put my mind to rest every morning. It was never on my mind all day and I think that re-gifting it to my equally as anxious mother was a dream come true. Speaking of dreams, for clean freaks (like my mom), the anti-drip system is effectively one of the best features. You won’t have to worry about coffee splatters and you can receive every drop the coffeemaker creates. You may be wondering, “what if I don’t have the auto-shut off set?” Thankfully, Braun thought of this and has it default set at 2 hours. The most this auto-function model can handle is 5 hours.

Doesn’t take up a lot of space

You won’t need to create a ton of counter space for this either, which is something I liked. The overall compact design and measurements allow me to place this on my countertop without creating additional room or having to put something in a cupboard temporarily. The measurements of this coffeemaker read 7.9” L x 7.9” W x 14.2” H. Unless you have extremely low cupboards, you won’t have to worry about this interfering with anything in your kitchen – unless you’re a hoarder!

I simply love how much this compact home coffee maker saves space over my counter-top!

If you’re wondering about filters (as I definitely did, buying the wrong type at first), this model takes cone filters. I’m sure you can make-do with bowl filters but you won’t really receive the most amount of product and you’d be forcing it. I suggest purchasing cone filters and save yourself the trouble.

What can be improved

The only disadvantage of the Braun BrewSense is that you may find 12-cups is too much and you can settle for a lower model. However, this doesn’t affect the performance and I wish I had a reason to drink that much coffee! Overall, I would highly recommend for those who ARE coffee fanatics or finds themselves making at least a cup or two for others in the house.