Capresso MG600 Plus Coffee Maker

  • A stainless steel body with an anti-fingerprint finish.
  • 2-hour safety shut off.
  • Reusable GoldTone filter.
  • Electronic filter indicator for when the water filter should be changed.
  • Drip allows you to pour while brewing.

If I were to choose between a glass carafe and a thermal one, I would choose a glass one any day. The Capresso MG600 Plus is an updated version of their popular normal mode, presenting you with a sleek design and a fantastic product that’s easy to create with and slides away into the corner. I feel like I’ve tried every single coffee machine on the market right now, and this is one I tried at a family gathering. I never say no to coffee, even if it tastes like dirt – I’m addicted! Before we go on, let’s dive into the features of the Capresso MG600 Plus below.

Comes with an anti-fingerprint finish

You know those grimy fingerprints you can see if the light hits stainless steel just right? I hate those, but I LOVE this coffee maker. With an anti-fingerprint finish, you won’t have to worry about rushing around and making a sandwich only to see your peanut butter covered fingerprints all over the Capresso. Never wipe down this stainless steel machine every five minutes due to OCD (trust me, I’ve been there a time or two – maybe a thousand times).

I love those anti-fingerprint finishing so much!

As you’ve probably read already, I have huge anxiety when it comes to remembering if I shut something off. You know those people in the commercials or movies who ask themselves in a thought bubble, “Did I shut the oven off?” (i.e Deadpool – thanks Ryan Reynolds), well that’s me. Even the smallest appliance gives me the creeps in that sense but the 2-hour auto shut off feature is a blessing built into the greatest gift man has given to us.

I save money on the product

I will never complain when there are ways for me to save money. In this instance, you not only save money on the product itself, but the fact that it uses reusable GoldTone filters. As someone who loves saving money and pinching pennies, this was a huge bonus for me over other models – oh, and of course the delicious product that came out of it every morning.

Love the indication light

It’s always nice when there’s some level of indication on a machine for when we should change the water filter and the Capresso gives us just that. The indicator installed on the Capresso is triggered by an internal counter which registers every single time you turn on the coffeemaker. When you turn it on, it automatically assumes that you’re creating a pot – so remember this. After 60 times of turning the machine on (aka 60 separate uses), there is a green indication light that starts blinking. When this happens, you want to replace the filter and push the filter button until that annoying green light is now continuously illuminating and gracing your kitchen.

Finally, if you’re impatient like myself, you love the mid-brew feature that allows you to pour a cup without spilling. Even though I could program it, I’d still sometimes forget to; I’m only human after all. If I put this on, I can set special features if I’m brewing 3-5 cups worth and make sure I get at least a little bit before running out of the door. All in all, you can brew 10 cups with this machine and this is one I’d highly recommend.

Lightweight design

As for the design of this coffeemaker, it’s one of the lowest in weight and has attractive measurements. Being only four pounds, the Capresso measures 8 x 14 x 9 inches and is practical for operation in even the tiniest of homes.

Now let’s discuss a feature that is slightly dated but we have no idea why: a glass carafe. Typically, the new generation of coffeemakers contain a thermal carafe, so what’s the deal with this one being glass? You may be wondering what the difference is and if there any reasons to purchase thermal over glass. Let me preface this by stating that I think glass may be sometimes better, depending on the model and in this instance – it’s MUCH better. I love my Capresso with glass carafe. Benefits of using glass are:

  • Visible coffee brewing.
  • Becoming attentive of how much or little you drink.
  • Lack of preheating in comparison with thermal models.
  • Most glass carafes (like the Capresso) are dishwasher safe.

Being able to see how much coffee you have left is extremely convenient and unfortunately something that many coffee maker manufacturer’s leave out. I’m not entirely sure why, but having a glass carafe versus a thermal is so much better in my experience. Coffee can be held at an optimal temperature in glass and requires no preheating of any sort, whereas it’s the opposite for thermal carafes.

What I think can be improved

The only disadvantage of the Capresso is that the filter holder needs two hands for removal due to the snaps. While this may seem inconvenient it just means that the filter holder is well in place and doesn’t shake. Thus, doing its job. However, it doesn’t interfere with the performance whatsoever. All in all, I would rate this high and would recommend this to anyone looking for something compact and on a budget that produces an abundance of quality product.