Durable and top quality Hamilton Beach 40792 espresso maker is for you

  • 15 bar Italian pump for excellent extraction and rich crema
  • Patented Slide & Lock filter holder makes setup easy
  • Swiveling steam wand for steaming and frothing milk
  • Removable water reservoir and drip tray
  • Pressure pump for excellent extraction and rich crema


Did you know that Hamilton Beach, the manufacturer of household appliances from Virginia, has been in the business for over a century? I learned that and a bunch of other fun facts while reading reviews of coffee makers. I can now say that I’m a sort of expert when it comes to the history of espresso and cappuccino. On top of that, I now know everything about buying a good coffee maker.

If you ask me for a recommendation, I would say Hamilton Beach 40792 is the one for you. First of all, I trust this brand very much and their products have a history of being durable and set to last for a long time. I bought this coffee machine in 2016, so I can’t say from my experience that is durable, but other satisfied customers can. What I can claim from testifying firsthand is that this machine makes incredible espresso!

Hamilton Beach 40792 is by far the best espresso coffee maker I’ve ever owned. It has everything you could wish for from a coffee maker and on top of everything, it’s pretty affordable. Now, I’m going to examine all the things that I love about this coffee machine.

How to use the Hamilton Beach:

With The 15-Bar Pump, Hamilton Beach 40792 Makes Perfect Espresso

The coffee maker features a pressure pump that is needed for making Italian-style coffee. This pump generates water pressure of 15 bars, which is ideal for extracting coffee taste and making rich “crema”. On top of that, the swiveling steam wand can be used for making frothing milk, which you can use to make café latte.

Slide and Lock Technology Makes it Easy to Operate

If you thought that it takes a lot of effort to make the perfect cup of espresso, you were wrong. Hamilton Beach patented the Slide and Lock technology, which makes brewing an extremely easy job. All you got to do is insert the coffee cup (or ground coffee), add water and press a single button. A few minutes later, your tasty espresso will wait for you in a mug.

Hamilton Beach 40792 is Simple to Clean

This coffee maker is not only easy to operate, but also to clean afterwards. In fact, Hamilton Beach thought of cleaning when designing this machine, so they made it as simple as possible. All you need to do to clean the outer parts is wait for the coffee maker to cool down; then simply wipe it with damp cloth.

When it comes to cleaning the inner bits of the Hamilton Beach 40792 coffee maker, you can remove them quite easily and put them in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can wash these parts with a sponge as they’re made of material that is very easy to clean.

Dimensions of Hamilton Beach 40792 Make it Great for Travel

Because this coffee maker is relatively small (14.4 x 9.7 x 11.7 inches) and fairly lightweight (9.4 pounds), you can take it with you on trips. Also, you can take it with you to your work and bring it back home over weekend, which is what I do often.

Specifications of Hamilton Beach 40792:

  • Features a 15-Bar Italian Pump
  • Relatively Compact (14.4” x 9.7” x 11.7”) and Lightweight (9.4 lbs)
  • Slide & Lock Technology for Easy Setup
  • Removable Drip Tray and Water Tank


  • Makes Excellent Espresso – Those who love rich coffee aroma will love beverages made with this machine.
  • Fast Brewing – It takes just a couple of minutes to have a cup of coffee (or any other beverage) ready.
  • Easy to Clean – Designed so that the parts that need cleaning are easily reachable or easy to remove.
  • Easy to Transport – You can take it with you on trips as Hamilton Beach 40792 is not too heavy.
  • Dependable – Products made by Hamilton Beach are known for not breaking easily. You can expect this coffee maker to serve you for years.


  • Bit Noisy – The coffee machine can make strange noise sometimes, especially when there’s not enough water in the reservoir.


If you’ve had bad experiences with low quality coffee makers, it is time to buy one that’s going to last for a long time. Hamilton Beach products are famous for their durability. Thousands of people are swearing in these products, including me.

I simply love this coffee maker and so far, it has never let me down. I drink espresso on a daily basis and the taste of it is the same from the day one. I use it to brew all kinds of beverages apart from espresso and all taste nice. Still, what makes Hamilton Beach 40792 superior to its competition is the fact that it makes genuine Italian-style espresso. So, if you are a fan of this drink (or some other Euro beverage like cappuccino, for example), this coffee maker is your perfect choice.