The Capresso EC100 makes splendid gourmet espresso

  • Stainless steel lined ThermoBlock heating system
  • 46-ounce removable water container
  • Indicator lights for On/Off and Coffee/Steam
  • Two sieves for single or double espresso
  • Easy-to-use swivel frother


When it comes to buying household appliances, I like to do a thorough research before making the purchase. That is why I read lots of reviews of coffee makers, before making up my mind. I wanted the best one possible, which would make great espresso. I also wanted a >coffee maker that’s going to last long and which is easy to operate. That is why I decided on buying the Capresso EC100.

In my opinion, Capresso EC100 has all the qualities a coffee machine needs to have, starting from the fact that it makes rich-tasting gourmet coffee. On top of that, the brewing speed is fast and the machine is easy to use and clean. The only downside of this coffee maker is that it’s not the cheapest one on the market. Still, I firmly believe its quality justifies the price.

Capresso EC100 Design is Very Convenient

When it comes to the design of this coffee maker, the outer casing is made of ABS plastic and is lined with stainless steel – right from the cup warmer to the grate in the drip tray. This makes it tough and reliable. The colors used are black, gray along with stainless steel and the finishing is chrome-like. On the front side, we have the removable drip with a stainless steel grate which is easy to clean. There is a power switch button and indicator lights to signal when the machine is ready for brewing. It also has a dial switch for carrying out the brewing and steaming.

On the top is a passive cup warmer with a stainless steel grate. This helps in keeping the cups warm pre- brewing – a very thoughtful, yet often forgotten necessity. Also, the boiler used is that of thermoblock – ensuring that the coffee maker heats up very fast. It takes typically less than a minute for the water to be ready.

Brewing and Frothing Is Extremely Easy

For preparing an espresso shot, you need to put in the pod/ground beans in the single/double shot basket of the portafilter respectively. Lock it to the head. A green light on the right side of the power switch indicates when the machine is heated up and ready to be used. Turn the dial switch to the left. This triggers the pump which then brews. Fill as per your need and bring the switch back to the middle. When you stop the brewing, you see the machine lets off the built in pressure by releasing steam and water.

If you want to brew cappuccino or café latte, you need to froth the milk as well. Insert the milk pitcher underneath the steam wand and turn the dial switch to the right. Froth it as per the required consistency and temperature. Scoop out the foam with the help of a spoon on top of the espresso-carrying mug and pour in the milk. The coffee maker has a system of automatic re-filling which ensures constant steam while frothing. It would be better to use bottled water for maximum output and minimum clogging up.

Cleaning is Quite Easy

Typically, you should de-scale it after every 250 cups of coffee. It’s really easy to clean up. First you remove the shower screen and then turn the machine on to brewing position. Let at least half the water from the water tank run through it. This would remove all the residues in the boiler. After that, let it stay in that position for 15 minutes.

For the steam system, put the wand in a jar full of cold water and turn the machine to steamer position for about 30 seconds, all the while turning it on and off alternatively. Take a cleaning solution (I use Cleancaf cleaning solution) and pour it in the other parts. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue solution is left behind.


  • Dual Swivel Frother
  • Single/ Double Espresso
  • Thermoblock Heating System
  • Milk Pitcher
  • Espresso Tamper
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.6 x 12.1 Inches
  • Weight: 12 Lb
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Easy to use – You don’t need any special skills to learn how to use it. A simple press of a button makes it work.
  • Fast Brewing – Heats up very fast, so you can have a cup of espresso in about a minute.
  • Easy to clean – You can clean the removable parts in the dishwasher. Overall, the machine doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


  • Price – A little expensive but worth the money spent

All in all, this coffee machine is simple to use, without the unnecessary frills. Yet, it gives you the quality and gourmet taste that would put many other coffee makers to shame. You might think that the price might be bit off-putting, but once you try the espresso made with it, you will change your opinion.