Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

The history of coffee goes way back into the history of humankind, until the beginning of the 10th century. However, it was not until the 16th century that it was brought to Europe and only in the 17th century in the Americas. Nevertheless, throughout the years people have perfected the art of brewing and roasting coffee in order to come up with a high variety of coffee types, flavors, intensities and making techniques.

Nowadays almost each family who continues to drink their coffee in the comfort of their own home has their own brewing and coffee making technique, each determining a different flavor and intensity of the prepared potion. And with such a large variety of coffee machines out on the market, it would almost be a shame to stop on our way to work to a local coffee shop and have our beverage on to go.

Luckily, more and more people rediscover the social component of coffee drinking and get together more often to enjoy their favorite mug of beverage with their friends, family members or coworkers.

If you decided to reclaim this old socializing method and reinstall coffee drinking as one of your main family socializing activities each day, you will certainly require a good coffeemaker.

Single serve coffee makers are cheap investments and can help you recreate any type of coffee you would like, without quitting on flavor or intensity. They are perfect for small families or for single people who still like doing things “the old way” and read their newspapers and enjoy their fresh cup of coffee each morning. Here is a selection of the best single coffee makers you can find on the market in 2016:

Our Picks

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

The sleek and modern design of this product makes it into the single families easily. Its modern features and the black coating appeal to any style of kitchens and its small dimensions make it perfect to store anywhere you want – on the kitchen counters or on your kitchen table.

It comes in three different pod brew sizes, depending on how you like your coffee – 6, 8 and 10 oz. It features a large water reservoir of around 48 oz which allows you to brew several cups of coffee before having to refill the tank, which is always a good thing considering you enjoy drinking your coffee next to your loved one.

What strikes when it comes to the Keurig K55 coffee maker is the product’s easiness and simplicity in handling. With a single push of a button you can enjoy the perfectly brewed cup of coffee, just the way you like it – stronger or milder, depending on the day you are going to have. Moreover, the product features a programmable auto off after 90 seconds, in case you ever forget to turn the machine off.
The great advantage of Keurig coffee makers is that you can enjoy a large variety of beverages, using K-pods, from mild coffee to cappuccino, café latte, black coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc.

Check it’s reviews here.


  • Works with any type of K-cup pods, allowing you to select from a wide variety of instant beverages
  • Easiness of use
  • Cheap price: buy this less than $100.


  • Makes small cups of coffee
  • Sometimes the plastic or chemicals can leave a weird taste in the beverages.

Aicok Single Serve K-cup Coffee Maker

The next product on our list of best single serves coffee makers comes from the Aicok brand. The design seems rather dull and quite heavy for a single cup coffee maker, which can be a disadvantage in small kitchens or in small storage places. The black coating also looks quite cheap because of the plastic outside.

The K-cup design allows you to enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, including your perfect cup of coffee in around 3 minutes. Also, the removable water reservoir and drip tray perfectly fits larger cups or even travel mugs. The reservoir’s full capacity of 12 ounces (approximately 360 ml) doesn’t allow you to pour more than two cups without having to refill it, which can, again, be an inconvenient.

But, despite its larger design, the product is lightweight which makes it perfect for traveling along and enjoying your favorite mug of coffee everywhere. Moreover, this product is great for single persons who enjoy a quick cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning or any other type of beverage, depending the day. Also, this Aicok coffeemaker will automatically shut off if it doesn’t have enough water so you can always rest assure you will receive the perfect amount of coffee day after day.


  • Comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Fit for travelling as it is extremely lightweight. It only weights 2.2 pounds or approximately 1 kg
  • Cheap price: purchase it for less than $45, which makes it perfect for gifting as well.


  • Small reservoir
  • Can only be used with K-cup original coffee capsules

Hamilton Beach 49997 Flexbrew Single Serve Coffeemaker

The design of this product is extremely sleek and slender, with round edges and compactness which allows its easy storage anywhere in the house, even in the smallest kitchens and on the narrowest tables.

However, hands down, the most impressive feature of this extremely narrow and slim coffeemaker is that it works perfectly both with K-cups or grounded coffee of your choice. This is highly important for the times in which you run out of K-pods or simply want to enjoy the original taste of the coffee of your choice and not a pre-mix offered by large beverage companies.

Another great advantage is that you can use a coffee cup or a mug of your choice, meaning you can enjoy the perfect hot and freshly brewed coffee directly into your favorite cup, which will certainly improve your day significantly. Single serve coffeemakers are perfect for those who want a quick cup of coffee on the go, without having to wait for brewing an entire pot.

Also, the disposable water reservoir inside is large enough to ensure up to 300 milliliters of single-serve packs or up to 420 milliliters (14 oz) for your favorite grounded coffee.


  • Small dimensions, perfect even in the most crowded kitchens
  • Works both with K-pods and grounded coffee of your choice
  • Cheap price. Purchase this product online for around $60
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect as a gift


  • Small reservoir. If you are an avid coffee drinker you will have to refill the water tank every time you want a cup of coffee because the reservoir is not large enough for greater water capacities. But, as long as you don’t mind it, this is a great product to purchase and give a try.
  • Rather heavy weight. It weighs 5.5 pounds, which doesn’t make it suitable for traveling.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Ever since you first lay eyes on this product you will know it is not your ordinary single coffeemaker. The outstanding sleek and elegant design has a stainless steel finish, making it durable and long term resistant. In fact, the entire look of this product is classy, elegant and with a touch of technology and minimalism, fitting perfectly in modern kitchens and open spaces.

Although a single serve coffeemaker, this Cuisinart model has a large water reservoir, perfect for up to 5 beverages of up to 12 oz each, meaning around 1.8 liters at a time, without having to refill the thank. This is remarkable and outstanding in the first place because you will be able to make up to 5 single cups of the beverage of your choice, without spending any additional time filling the water tank every time.
Moreover, the hot water button lets you enjoy a large variety of instant beverages, not only coffee. You can use it as a simple water heater and enjoy an instant soup, cup of tea or hot chocolate, without having to worry about adding K-pods.

The small LED design enables a wide series of functions, making the product fully programmable and customizable according to your specific needs. You will also experience an auto on/off button and fully adjustable temperature control to make sure you always enjoy the best hot but not steamy drinks. Moreover, the auto rinse feature allows an instant cleaning from the inside, which will help you spend less time cleaning the product every time.


  • Stainless steel, durable and elegant design
  • Wide series of functions, including a hot water button
  • Place any type of mug you want, including traveling mugs of up to 72 ounces


  • Big price. Quality does come with a price, and, in this case, the price is close to $150 which can be viewed as a disadvantage
  • People who bought previous models of this Cuisinart coffee maker might seem this particular one is of lower quality design

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

If you want a multifunctional device that can help you in the kitchen, this Bunn product is definitely for you. The most amazing feature is that it not only perfectly brews K-Cup packs of your favorite beverages, but also works perfectly with ground coffee, tea pods or bags, loose tea, etc.

The product features separate cup, ground coffee, pod, and hot water drawers so that you can easily make your perfect choice of beverage, in the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, the water storage facility brews up to 14 ounces of beverages, so you can also enjoy a hot soup whenever you are feeling down.

Another great feature of this product is that it comes with a removable drip tray which will fit most travel mugs so that you can transport your hot beverages safely, no matter the destination.

The hot water dispenser can be used for a variety of purposes, from instant mix drinks to hot soups, gelatins, oatmeal, etc.

The ground coffee drawer can hold up to 20 grams of ground coffee of your choice, sufficient for a full mug of hot beverage, the one that you love the most. In addition, the Bunn MCU comes equipped with a Pulse Brew option for a bolder flavor for the days in which you want a strong cup of coffee.

Moreover, you will have to wait under one minute to enjoy a full size cup of coffee or tea, which is a great advantage for those who are always on a hurry the first thing in the morning.


  • Large variety of beverages to make
  • Hot water dispenser for even more uses around the kitchen
  • Works with grounded coffee and tea bags
  • Increased brewing speed


  • Small water refill – only up to 14 oz (approximately 420 ml.)
  • Quite expensive price. You can find this product for around $185, depending on the seller

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6R-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

This is a handy and very nice product to have in the comfort of your own home. It is small and sleek, and the red color pumps up making your kitchen less ordinary by the day. With this Mr. Coffee maker you can enjoy a large variety of hot beverages, from various coffee types to hot cocoa or tea. It works with patented K-cup pads which are easy to use and found in a variety of tastes and flavors to suit even the pickiest clients.

Moreover, Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6R-001 allows you to choose from three different brew-size options, from 6 ounce to 10 ounce, depending on your choice of poison. Similar to other single serving machines, this particular one also features a removable drip tray to fit your favorite mug and even special travelling mugs so you can always enjoy your beverage hot. The product is ideal for busy mornings as it allows you to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in less than one minute, thanks to its unique brewing technology.

And, since there are over 250 varieties of K-cups available on the market, you can drink pretty much every type of beverage you want – from strong coffee to milder versions, decaf, cappuccino, café latte, moccacino, etc.


  • Large variety of beverages available at your choice
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Removable drip tray
  • Perfectly brews a cup of coffee in under a minute, which is a blessing in busy mornings.


  • Only works with K-cup pods so you cannot use grounded coffee or tea bags of your choice
  • Rather chunky and heavy. The product weights over 10 pounds, making it hard to impossible to travel with
  • Big brand price. You can acquire the product for around $117

CHULUX Single Serve K-cup Coffee Maker

Another great single serve coffeemaker you can try in the comfort of your own home is this wonderful Chulux. It comes in a wide variety of colors so, if you are into bold colors like red, blue or green rather than plain black, you can always choose them to brighten your kitchen.

One of the things that strikes when it comes to the Chulux coffee machine is its accessible price. Practically, for under $50 (more exactly $44), you can benefit from a freshly brewed mug of coffee daily.

Similar to many of the designs aforementioned, this product also uses K-cup pods that come in a large variety to help acquire a big diversity of hot and cold beverages, including numerous types of coffee.

And, since simple things are the best, especially when it comes to technology, this particular product is perfect for those who don’t want to waste too much time learning how to use their new kitchen appliance. The simple one touch button design allows you to start your machine and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee within 1-2 minutes. You also have a light to indicate the working process and allow you to always know when your coffee is ready.

Moreover, when the brew cycle is complete, your product will shut down automatically, meaning you will save energy and time.

The removable drip tray allows fitting for numerous sizes of cups and mugs, so that you can always enjoy the best coffee in your favorite mug. In addition, the product features a roomy enough water reservoir which can be filled with up to 360 milliliters. This allows you to drink at least three strong coffees before refilling the tank.


  • Affordable price
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Small dimensions
  • It weighs only 2.2 pounds or approximately 1 kg, which makes it easy to carry around, even travel with it in your holidays.


  • Only works with K-cup pods and not with ground coffee
  • Plastic, less resistant design.

iCoffee Express Single Server Brewer

This coffeemaker has nothing to do with other “i” technologies branded by an American giant, but is simply a nice and sleek coffee machine which you will love having and using. And, with such a small price (below $60!), it comes as no surprise that you will love this item to cherish and to hold for a lifetime on your kitchen counter.

The product works well with any K-cup pod or basically any other pod that is the same size as the K-cup pods. Thus, you will have to choose between over 250 types of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, espresso, and more. The trademarked SpinBrew technology will steam and stir inside the cup, allowing you to enjoy a nicely, fresh, super flavored and fine coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, this iCoffee machine comes with a reusable brewing cup included which you can use only for hot water or everything else you want. The reusable brewing cup allows you to enjoy any type of ground coffee you might wish.

Another great feature of this product is its fastness. Basically, you can enjoy a full size coffee cup in under one minute, which makes this machine great to have around especially in busy mornings when you are on a rush. Not to mention it is energy saving since it will automatically shut down after your coffee is served.

Also, you can add water to enjoy any size of beverage you want, from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. Thus, you can also drink a hot cup of tea or hot cocoa, without having to refill the water tank too often.


  • Affordable price. Can make the perfect cheap and useful Christmas present for your beloved ones
  • Works with any type of capsule, no matter the brand
  • Includes a reusable brewing cup you can use to fill with any type of ground coffee of your choice
  • Brews a full cup of coffee under a minute.


  • Couldn’t find any!

Mixpresso Single Cup Coffee Maker

This product features three brewing options, depending on the day you are having. From 6 ounces to 10 ounces, make sure you drink the perfect cup of coffee or hot cocoa, just the way you like it in the morning.

Similar to other products of its type, this particular Mixpresso also features an automatic shut off option after brewing, to allow you to save energy and worry less about the products you must turn off after finished using them. This function is perfect for the mornings in which your mind is somewhere else.

The company pledged to offer a perfectly brewed coffee every time you use it, so you don’t have to worry about coffee losing its texture, flavor or intensity after multiple uses.

Also, you can rest assure you will be enjoying a wide variety of instant beverages, as this product works with any type of K-cups, even refillable K-cups and unlicensed additional K-cup brands. This way you can not only enjoy many different beverages each morning, but it also allows you to find your favorite mix of coffee, hot tea or cocoa.

In addition, the Mixpresso coffee maker comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a roomy water reservoir of 45 ounces (approximately 1, 35 liters), meaning you will be enjoying plenty of full size mugs of coffee before having to refill.

Moreover, this iCoffee maker can run without a capsule if you only need hot water for which you will not have to wait more than 45 seconds! Even better, for a full size mug of coffee you will only wait 30 seconds, which makes this machine one of the fastest single serve brewers on the market.


  • Large water reservoir
  • Runs without pods for simple hot water
  • Brews coffee in just 30 seconds
  • Removable tray for cups up to 6.5 inch tall


  • Quite pricey (around $90), but it is acceptable when considering the large water reservoir

Senseo 7810 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine

Our last product on the list is definitely not our least! With an amazing and elegant design, this Senseo coffeemaker will certainly make room in your kitchen.

Its powerful engine can brew coffees of up to 8 ounces in less than a minute, which is a perfect addition for the mornings in which you are running late. The Senseo 7810 works with coffee pods which you can find in a wide variety of flavors, tastes and smells.

All removable parts of this product are dishwasher safe, meaning you can easily clean your product without spending too much time. Moreover, its ingenious design will never leave you with messy grinding or cross-over, which, again, is a plus.

The simple design is functional and easy to use. And, by a simple push of a button, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in no time.

What we love in the new Senseo coffeemaker is that it will constantly deliver a high quality brewed coffee, with a variety of gourmet types of coffee to impress even the most reluctant clients. Also, if you think a black coffeemaker is too mainstream, you can always choose from other four different colors, including white and cobalt blue.


  • Cool design, comes in a variety of colors
  • Simple to use by only pushing a button
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe


  • Only works with company’s own pods, which shortens the variety of coffee types you will be drinking. Sure, the gourmet selected coffees are good, but what about when you want to drink a cup of hot tea or cocoa? This product won’t give you those.
  • Expensive price. Since the product has been discontinued for a while, the sale price of this Senseo coffee machine is rather high for the limits it offers at almost close to $150.


Obviously, the list of best single serve coffee machines is opened and you can add any product that you used and loved! However, don’t forget to give at least one of these recommendations a try as there are some products which really make wonders and will help you create the perfect beverage every morning!